STARCH GREEN is a small studio in West London, set up by artist-designers Jonathan Mercer and Kate Fishenden.

Our focus is on hand-made design, using craft skills to create design, artwork and objects that add positively to the pattern of life, balancing home and work and creating a feeling of well-being. Our strong commitment to family, work-life balance and applied art combines to deliver a range of distinctive pattern papers, illustrations, prints and products, and a human approach to design.

Our talents dovetail, both having skills in illustration, design and typography. Whilst Jonathan’s wood engravings are the source and inspiration for repeat patterns, prints and stationery, Kate brings in the art of silkscreen printing to create fine art prints and extend the work on to textiles. We collaborate on the design of products developed to enhance the pattern of life. Production centres around the Albion press in the shed, the kitchen table and the studio.

We also take commissions for repeat patterns, label design, illustration, bespoke social stationery and small print runs.
For more information or to arrange a viewing of the portfolio and/or LOOK BOOK, please contact Kate Fishenden on 020 8749 6098 or by email.
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Hand Made

Everything we do has a hand made ingredient - all our ‘hand made design’ involves real, hands-on skills that connect designer - artist- maker in a satisfying and rewarding way
Made with Love

We only make or sell things that we love and feel would make our home (and hopefully yours) a more lovely place
Limited Edition

Our prints are numbered limited editions and our products are all made in small runs as there are only so many hours in a day - 'when they’ve gone, they’ve gone'