Three things that inspire all our work:

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Hand Made

Everything we do has a hand made ingredient - all our ‘hand made design’ involves real, hands-on skills that connect designer - artist- maker in a satisfying and rewarding way
Made with Love

We only make or sell things that we love and feel would make our home (and hopefully yours) a more lovely place
Limited Edition

Our prints are numbered limited editions and our products are all made in small runs as there are only so many hours in a day - 'when they’ve gone, they’ve gone'

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A love of all things seaside inspired Jonathan to create a new set of wood engravings; from the mystical beauty of the mermaid to the endless sunshine of family holidays, toes wriggling in the sand, buckets and spades in hand, discovering treasures in the rock pools and fish and chips on the sea front. These engravings then became the inspiration for developing our new collection of silkscreen prints, ceramics and stationery.

Inspired by Jonathan’s Comet pattern paper we have developed a range of Comet ceramics in four colourways. Pattern paper continues to inspire us as we work on developing our range and extending the use of wood engravings on ceramics.

Our Starch Green range is a classic piece of corporate promotion as well as an expression of the pride we have in our locale.

We are always interested in your feedback. If there’s something you’d like to see let us know.

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We are all out of printed textiles at the moment, but we do have plans for more.

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We love stationery. We love books. We’ve chosen paper, card and packaging that we would like to use and created notecards, postcards, badges and sketchbooks (so far). All the cards are printed by hand direct from the block. Even the badges are printed from the block. The sketchbooks are hand sewn and covered in our Comet pattern paper. Each sketchbook has an inspiring artist’s quote on the label.

We are currently developing new stationery sets, so do check back or sign up for our newsletter to hear about new products.

This is where you’ll find things that are as useful as they are lovely. I love making jam, so our Jam Labelling Kit is one of my favourites. The labels are all hand set in Gill Sans with metal type and printed on our letterpress. The Studio Pegs are great for pegging up notes, cards, shopping lists, invitations and keeping clusters of bits and bobs together.

Ideas for Practicals are always welcome, and we’re developing a few new ones right now. Do sign up for our Newsletter to keep in touch.



We love the tradition of pattern paper, especially the artists’ endpapers encapsulated in the 1928 Curwen Press Specimen Book by the likes of Enid Marx, Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden.

Comet was developed by Jonathan from a single wood engraved element repeated to create the pattern.