We are able to develop original artwork using specially commissioned wood engravings for your own pattern papers for use in publishing, packaging, textiles and a range of other applications.

Please call Jonathan Mercer to discuss your requirements : 020 8749 6098 or drop him an email with your enquiry.

Bespoke Process

Call Jonathan to discuss requirements and arrange a briefing session.

Jonathan will provide a pencil rough of one repeat element for approval, he will then engrave the master block and produce a proof.

Artwork can be delivered as mechanical artwork with print spec or as digital artwork.

Illustrated Bespoke Pattern Process

1. Develop initial repeat unit as a sketch

2. select the best box-wood block for the job

3. Engrave the block

4. Set in printer and ink up the block

5. Put paper on block and print image

6. Remove paper from block

7. Add printed unit to mechanical art-work...

8. Or scan unit and add to digital art-work

9. Finished repeat pattern in green on cream