hand printed limited edition screenprints printed by the artist

Kate's screenprints use her drawings, paintings and found objects as a start point. The most recent prints are based on her watercolours of flowers, post and nature study using a technique of subtle layering of transparent inks to create painterly marks and tertiary colours where the inks overlay.

Featured collection - splatterware

The energy and texture of splatterware is a delight. All the original watercolours for these prints were drawn in white enamel jugs. Kate uses a splatter-technique to create artwork to colour the jugs specifically for each print. These prints have a more painterly feel as Kate explores working with no drawn outline.

nature study - seasons

Nature Study - Seasons is a quartet of screenprints, inspired by mid-century School Prints and vintage educational posters. Using watercolour studies of individual natural treasures, Kate develops a poster design with hand-drawn type. Colour separations are painted by hand on overlays to make a separate screen for each colour - usually 9 or 10 colours.